God Gave us Green Shillong, Let's keep it Clean and Green.

Neat Around Clean Surround


Meghalaya is a state where nature is bountiful, known for its flora and fauna, it is an abode of biodiversity. As a tourist destination it is of utmost importance for a Clean Shillong, so as to attract tourists from around the world. Cleanliness should not only be confined to cleaning one’s own surroundings, rather we should actively participate in activities such as planting trees, making a conscious decision to not litter in public places, segregate our waste, provide access to good sanitation facilities such as proper sewage...read more+

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  • Educating for a change of Mind-set

    Cleve Colony

    Educating for a change of Mind-set

  • Results - Same spot

    Cleve Colony

    Results - Same spot in 2011 and in 2013

  • Open Dump Near St. Peters

    Cleve Colony

    Putting Systems in Place. Open Dump Near St. Peters

  • Results - Same spot

    Cleve Colony

    Same Location (Open Dump near St. Peters0 in January 2013