Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council Proposal

Cleaning Shillong will be a long term and sustained efforts by all the stakeholders. The following are the proposal of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council for a cleaner and healthier Shillong:-

  1. For the cleanup effort, there is a need to identify Commercial Areas, Residential Areas, and Recreational Areas. Different yardstick shall be adopted for these different areas.
    1. In Commercial and Recreational areas and, the owners, Department concerned  or Caretakers have to do the cleanup in co-operation with the Civic Authorities,
    2. In Residential areas, the Dorbar Shnongs/Localities have to be involved with logistical and technical support from the District Council, the Urban Department and the Shillong Municipality.
  2. No regulation or policing will be effective if the mindset of the people is not changed. Create awareness and sensitise the general public on the need to have a clean and healthy environment. This can be achieved by conducting awareness programme in localities and Institutions such as schools and colleges.  The print and electronic have to be involved in this regard.
  3. A Catch word or slogan with a logo is needed so that people can identify the initiative.
  4. More public utilities have to be in place.
  5. Priorities in creation of some more green spaces and recreational parks in and around Shillong.
  6. Tree planting in public and residential areas.
  7. More State of the Art Solid Waste Management and Scientific Landfill needs to be examined.
  8. Alternative and greener transport system.
  9. In so far as Iewduh is concerned, the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council will in consultation with the Syiem of Mylliem come up with a long term perspective plan for a cleaner and user friendly market. 
  10. Lastly, there is a tradition of annual cleaning of localities in Khasi Hills. The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council will scale up the locality cleaning drive from annual to a monthly affair. The plan is to allow the residents to undertake cleaning drive in their own back yard and a portion of the street adjacent to their houses at least once a month. Notification to this effect will be issued.