Shillong Cantonment Board - Action Taken

  1. The Shillong Cantonment Board as part of Swachh Bharat has planted trees on the 5/6/16 and 2/10/2016,
  2. In order to ensure a continuous engagement and higher awareness among the School students and teachers, on cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene, this office organised an awareness programmed on Global Hand Washing Day, on 15.10.2015 where resource person have been invited from Bethany Society.
  3. For the active participatory approach of the people, school students and teachers and in order to give a mass awareness on the significant of segregation of waste, this office has organised an awareness programmed on zero waste, with the Cant Board School Students and teachers, where resource person has been invited from Bethany Society.
  4. In order to bring about public awareness, community mobilization and public participation with gender sensitivity, for Swachh Bharat Campaign, a Cleanliness Drive of the Umshyrpi River has organized on 30.10.2016 where public from all section of society have immensely participated.
  5. Thematic Cleanliness drive in Cantonment Board has been organized w.e.f 16.1.2016 to 31.1.2016. Special cleanliness drive throughout the Bungalow area and civil area has been organized on 20.1.2016. For improvement of Solid Waste management awareness programmed has been organized on 31.3.2016 where the Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board was invited as the Resource person. Bio medical waste dustbin has been provided. Hanging dustbin has been installed; Bamboo dustbin has been placed within Cantonment area. Installation of Sign Boards for throwing of garbage has been done. Global hand washing day has been organized with Cant Board school children and teachers. Daily cleaning of roads, clearing of vegetation and bushes and door to door garbage collection is being done, white washing of walls and trees, maintenance of parks are being done regularly.
  6. In connection with the Marathon which was held on 24.1.2016 a special cleaning drive has been organized on the routes on which the Marathon is held, white washing of the roads and trees has been done, cleaning and clearing of the bushes, cleaning and clearing of drains on road side has been done. Regular sweeping of main roads has also been done.
  7. In order to initiate the segregation of waste in Cantonment area and to ensure a continuous engagement and higher awareness among the public, this office has organized awareness programme on Segregation of waste on 31.3.2016 where the resource person has been invited from Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board.
  8. As a part of Swachh Bharat Campaign the office of the Shillong Cantonment Board has organized a cleanliness drive on 09.9.2016 as an initiative to improve sanitation and to create awareness about cleanliness amongst its residents and the public in Jhalupara Cantonment area, Ward No III.
  9. A cleanliness drive has been organized on 16.9.2016 started along the GS Road of Mahavir Park situated at Jhalupara. It continued along the road in front of the JRG General Hospital at Jhalupara and from there the cleanliness drive entered the Paltan Bazar area. Public along with the Chief Executive Officer, Elected Member and staff of Shillong Cantonment took part in the Cleanliness drive. Volunteers of the Sant Nirankari Mission also took active participation in the cleanliness drive.
  10. As a part of Swachh Bharat Campaign the office of the Cantonment Board Shillong has organized cleanliness drive on 2nd October 2016 in collaboration with the State Govt of Meghalaya, local bodies and NGOs where public from all section of society have actively participated for which wide publicity has been made through local newspaper and FM Radio.
  11. In order to initiate the segregation of waste, the Shillong Cantonment Board organized awareness programme on 05.10.2016 in the Cantonment Board Community Hall Jhalupara Shillong in collaboration with Urban Affairs Department Government of Meghalaya and SIMPU where in the public from ward No. VI and VII actively participated in the programme.
  12. The Shillong Cantonment Board as part of Swachh Bharat Campaign has installed the DRDO Bio digesters toilet, in the Cantonment Community Hall.
  13. Weekly Cleanliness Drive is being conducted every Friday from 0700 Hrs to 0830 Hrs at different ward Numbers and locations involving public, district administration and various NGOs including Cantonment Board’s Staff.
  14. Procurement of Garbage Dumper Truck: Provision for the Procurement of two numbers of Garbage Dumper Truck of Rs.30, 00,000/- for Civil Area and Two number of Garbage Dumper Truck of Rs.30, 00,000/- for bungalow Area has been kept in Revised Budget estimate for the year 2016-2017, and the same has been put up to the board for the approval on 14/Dec/16 and the Board has approved the same. Procurement will happen on Revised Budget Estimate which is passed by the competent authority.
  15. Cleanliness drive has been organized on the 3/11/16 at Ward IV, V, VI, VII.
  16. Cleanliness drive has been organized on the 18/11/16 at Ward II.
  17. Cleanliness drive has been organized on the 25/11/16 at Ward II.
  18. During the Swachh Bharat Pakhwada, awareness Programme on Segregation of Waste and on Cleanliness Has been organized for the School Children and General Public of Shillong Cantonment Board
  19. During the Special Cleanliness drive there is active participation from the public of theconcerned wards/areas. Public along with Chief Executive Officer, Elected Members,Staff, School Teachers and Hospital Staff of Shillong Cantonment Board participated inthe above Special Cleanliness drive. Letter to the Poorva Sainik Seva Parishad has alsobeen forwarded for sending names of Ex-Servicemen groups/individuals. Banners andpamphLet's has been printed and distributed. Photographs have been taken and newspaperclippings have been kept.
  20. Weekly Cleanliness Drive has been organized on the 23/12/2016 at Bungalow Area ofShillong Cantonment Board.
  21. Cleaning of drains, cleaning of Vegetation/Bushes, Sweeping of Roads. Daily door todoor collection of garbage is being carried out regularly, All the major drains all theseptic tanks of Group Latrines have been cleaned and repaired and are in good andhygienic condition.1(one)number of DRDO Bio Digester toilet has been installed in theCantonment Board Community Hall, Jhalupara Shillong. Further work for installation ofDRDO Bio-toilet by converting the existing group Latrines into Bio-toilet are inprogress.2 Nos of conservancy truck has been modified for collection of bio-degradableand non bio-degradable waste . Weekly Cleanliness Drive are being conducted everyFriday from0700 hours to 0090 hrs at different Wards and locations involving publicand various NGOs including Cantonment Board Staff . Installation of Bamboo Thapasfor throwing of Biodegradable and non Biodegradable garbage has been installed atvarious places within Cantonment area. Cleanliness Drive has been organized on9/9/2016(Ward III),16.09.2016(Along road side of Mahavir Park situated atJhalupara)30/9/2016.(Ward no 1V,V, VI,VII,),2/10/16(Swachh Bharat Cleanliness Drivefrom starting from MES to MUDA parking lot, Khlieh Iewduh to the areas botheringbetween Cantonment and Iewduh), 3/11/2016 at Ward no VI,V,VI, VII. Cleanlinessdrive has been organized on 18/11/16 at Ward No II. Cleanliness Drive has beenorganized on 25/11/2016 at Ward no 11., 30/11/16 at Ward No 1, During the SwachhBharat Pakhwada Awareness Programme on Segregation of Waste and on Cleanlinesshas been organized for School Children and general public of Shillong Cantonment .Swachh Bharat Pakhwada has been organized wef 1/12/2016-15/12/2016, where specialcleanliness drive at different Wards , School Parks, ,Office Premises, Bungalow Area hasbeen carried out. Hanging Dustbins and Signboards for prohibition of throwing ofgarbage in and around parking area within Cantonment area has been installed
  22. In order to curb the throwing and dumping of garbage in some areas of Cantonment 7CCTV Cameras has been installed in areas where dumping of garbage is frequent
  23. On the 21.04.2017 (Friday), Cleanliness Drive has been organized in the surroundingarea of Parking Lot adjacent to Bungalow No 29/A and 37 of Ward no 1, of ShillongCantonment Board. On the 24.04.2017, Cleanliness Drive has been organized at Butcher Road, On 05.05.2017, Cleanliness Drive has been organized at Luckier Road PaltanBazar, and on the 08.06.2017, Cleanliness Drive has been organized at Luckier Road
  24. CCTV camera has been installed in Jhalupara area and Buchier Road for monitoring thedumping of garbage by the public.
  25. From the CCTV camera footage, 5 people were captured dumping garbage in Jhaluparaand Police Complaint has been lodge in the Jhalupara Beat House
  26. On the 16 of June a joined inspection has been done for monitoring the cleanliness alongwith the ADM Smti I. Majaw and with the field staff of Shillong Cantt Board at AnjaleeParking Lot
  27. The Shillong Cantt. Board has formed special task group to curb the dumping of garbagein civil areas. Even, night person has been deputed to watch and monitor the dumpingand throwing of garbage24 hours in these areas Jhalupara Trenching Ground, and areaopposite JRG Cantt Hospital
  28. Some people have been caught throwing of garbage and FIR has been lodged againstthem and has been taken to police station.
  29. A Penalty has also been imposed to the violators as per Cantt Act 2006
  30. In order to bring public Awareness about cleanliness and for dumping and throwing ofgarbage in any place within Cantonment area regular announcements has been madethrough Public Awareness System and also about the persecution and penalty to theviolators as per CANTT Act 2006.
  31. Two places where dumping of garbage is prone and severe1. Jhalupara Trenching Ground2. Area in front of JRG Cantonment Hospital, cleanliness has been attained and dumpingof garbage in these areas has been stopped
  32. On the Twitter, Hall of Shame Campaign has been started wherein CCTV footageshowing people throwing garbage on road has been uploaded so that people don't throwgarbage on road in future
  33. Meeting with traders to create awareness for cleanliness will be a contiguous affair inShillong Cantonment
  34. Joint Cleanliness drive with Shillong Municipal authorities for the border area along theShillong Cantonment was conducted on 25.06.2017 (Sunday).
  35. Process to declare Shillong Cantonment Area as Open Defecation Free area has beeninitiated. In this regard Shillong Cantonment Board vide Notice dated 24.06.2017 hasnotified for the information of general public that as per ODF Declaration Protocolsissued by Government of India, Ministry of Urban Development, the Cantonment Board,Shillong has fulfilled all necessary conditions and declared Shillong Cantonment openDefecation Free. In this connection, the objections, if any, have been called from public within fifteen dayfrom the issue of this publication.It is to be mentioned that Shillong Cantonment has mechanism under Section 289 of theCantonments Act, 2006 to impose fine on open defecators
  36. All the Group latrines are regularly been cleaned under the supervision of SanitaryInspector who is doing inspection of the Group Latrines on a daily basis
  37. Adequate water supply under the supervision of Sub Engineer on a daily basis is beingprovided in the Group latrines on a daily basis making it hygienic and clean
  38. All the Group latrines are open for Public 24 *7.
  39. Sanitory Inspector, Smt. Wasaka Khonglamet has been appointed as the nodal officer responsible for maintaining and monitoring Cleanliness in the Shillong Cantonment Area.Her Contact details has also been uploaded in the website of Shillong Cantonment Board i.e. and announcement via PA system is alsobeing made to make public aware about first contact person on issues pertaining to Cleanliness in Shillong Cantonment area.
    Shillong Cantonment Contacts
  40. Public has been motivated to report any unhygienic area to the nodal officer for immediate necessary action.
  41. Awareness through Shillong Cantonment Board's Twitter Account is also been spread regarding the necessity to keep Shillong Cantonment Area Clean and Green
    Shillong Cantonment Twitter Account
  42. One PA system has been installed in one of the Conservancy vehicle to create awarenessand intimation amongst the public about the arrival of the Conservancy Vehicle andrequesting households to throw and dump the garbage in the conservancy vehicle and notto dump and throw garbage on streets and main roads
  43. A joint Cleanliness drive was organized with Shillong Municipal Board, Hima Mylliemon 30.06.2017 starting from Motphram Area to District Council point
  1. On the 17th July 2017, Cleanliness drive has been organized at both sides of Boucher road
  2. In order to curb the washing of vehicles at Boucher road, the sanitary staff has been assigned for monitoring and patrolling in this area so as to maintain cleanliness in this area and whoever is caught washing vehicles an FIR will given against them
  3. Regular meetings has been conducted by the Elected Ward members to spread andmotivate the public on maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of the area
  4. Collection of garbage is being done regularly on Sundays

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