Development Plan for the city of Shillong

City Development Plan for the city of Shillong has been developed based on planned urban perspective framework for a period of 20-25 years (with 5 yearly updates) indicating policies, frameworks and strategies of meeting fund requirements. The CDP has made an assessment of the existing urban services and infrastructure, strategies required to meet the existing shortages and to meet the future requirements. The CDP focused on strategies that deal specifically with issues affecting the urban poor, strengthening the municipal governments and the local traditional institutions and for bringing in accountability and transparency in urban governance.

Under the sewerage and sanitation sector, City development plan has proposed to have a piped Sanitary Sewerage System, Up-gradation of existing septic tank system; provision of community toilet; provision of public toilet and provision of private septic tank cleaning mechanism in the city. Apart form the developmental works it also suggests software components such as Institutional Development Plan, Capacity Building Plan, and IEC Plan

The cost estimated for the provision of sewerage facility in the city in the CDP is INR. 262.28 Crores. However the project is not yet implemented