Initiatives taken by Police Department

East Khasi Hills District Police: A part of Swachh Bharat, Superintendent of Police, East Khasi Hills District, Shri Davis N.R. Marak, IPS is taking an initiative not only to make Shillong City Clean but also to contain crimes of social evil and traffic problems in Shilling City. In this connection, he passed an order vide this Office Memo No. RE/GEN/PT.II/2017/3051-3106 Dated 16th June, 2017 to all Officers-In-Charge of Police Stations, In-Charges of each Police Unit in East Khasi Hills District to conduct Cleaning Drive on self help basis to keep surroundings clean on 2nd Saturday of each month for a healthy living. In the Dorbar Meeting at Police Reserve, Shillong, he interacted with the problems faced by Officers and men as well as their family members living at the quarters. He urged to all Police Personnel residing at Police Reserve, Shillong Complex and other Police Stations/Beat Houses/Out Post etc. to voluntarily participate in cleaning of their surrounding and they can involve their family members as well to represent each family to ensure upkeep their residential areas. Violation of this order will be dealt with serious and liable for further disciplinary action.

  1. Cleaning Drive: Thanas under the active leadership of Officer-In-Charge of Police Stations, In-charge of Traffic Branches, Beat Houses, Out Post, Office and other Units conducted Cleaning Drives at their respective places. (Annexure-‘A’)
  1. Shillong Traffic Police: Shillong Traffic Police conducted awareness programmes/Counseling on Road Safety’ for drivers, traffic violators, school students etc. at their respective Jurisdictions. The aim of Shillong Traffic Police is to reach out people and teach them about traffic rules and regulations so that in future they do not violate traffic rules again and that they also bring awareness to other people. The problems faced by Shillong Traffic Police as well as general public especially in Shillong City due to traffic jam caused by drivers like Over taking, haphazard Parking etc. This problem cannot be solved by Shillong Traffic Police itself, it needs the help of general drivers to make Shillong City free traffic jam and also to reduce traffic accident etc. Enclosed at Annexure ‘B’.


  1. Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking: As part of the observation of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, East Khasi Hills District Police in collaboration with the various headmen, NGOs, VDP, Principal/teachers of different Schools/Colleges etc organized an awareness programmed at various schools/colleges/villages/slum areas in Shillong city as well as rural areas. On the occasion,  it was explained to them briefly about the ill effects of Drugs and Trafficking by displaying the pictures of drugs and cannabis plant available in Shillong City and to create a societal effort in preventing illicit trafficking of Drugs and other intoxicating substances which affect not only the one who is addicted but the family member also suffer as well as the society because the problem of drug addiction cannot be abolished by force or by moral policing, it can be done only through awareness programmes and support from near and dear ones.

            As Part of creating mass awareness on the menace of Drug abuse and illicit trafficking, on 26.06.2017 Sadar Police Station in collaboration with the member of Royal Enfield Riders Association of Meghalaya (RERAM) held a bike rally within the town for spreading the message on ill effects of drugs. The bike rally was flagged off by Shri Davis N.R.Marak,IPS, Superintendent of Police, East Khasi Hills, Shillong. Speaking on the occasion, he said that drug abuse is on the rise in Shillong as well as in the state of Meghalaya as a whole and it is not only a crime but a social problem. "The police department requires the help and support from each and every segment of the society to control this menace.
To stop the menace of drug abuse and illegal trafficking the Sadar PS launched a week-long campaign whereby messages through social media circulated, banners displayed in various parts of the city, pamphlets distributed to one and all besides holding placard competition on drug abuse. The programme has so far received laurels from the masses for the pro active approach of the East Khasi Hills District Police towards tackling the menace.​
All Police Stations, Beat Houses, Out Posts and Traffic Branches in East Khasi Hills District also organized  an Awareness Programme on Drug Abuse and  illicit Trafficking in their respective jurisdictions  to spread awareness amongst the youths especially school/college going students to avoid using drug when they come to Shillong or go out to other states for further study.

  1.  "Implementation of Meghalaya Police Act to curb nuisance"
    The Meghalaya Police Act, 2010 (Act No. 7 of 2011) effective from 4th February, 2011 empowered the Police Under Section 110 Meghalaya Police Act (Offences by the Public) to enable it to function as an efficient, effective, people-friendly, impartial, transparent, honest, professional, accountable and responsive agency. Prior to this Act, the Police were equipped with the Police Act, 1861 where the punishment for violation was meagre Rs. 50/- (Rupees fifty) only and as a result it did not act as a deterrent to the violators of the law.

Offences by the Public: 110. (1) Any person who commits any of the following offences on any road, or street or thoroughfare, or any open place, within the limits of any areas specially notified by the state Government or a Local Government for the purpose of this Section, to the inconvenience, annoyance or danger of the residents or passers-by shall, on conviction by a court, be liable to a fine of Rs. 5,000/- and on subsequent conviction, fine of Rs.10,000/-.

(a) allowing any cattle to stray, or keeping any cattle or conveyance of any kind standing longer than is required for loading or unloading or for taking up or setting down passengers, or leaving any conveyance in such a manner as to cause inconvenience or
danger to the public;

(b) being found intoxicated and riotous;

(c) neglecting to fence in or duly protect any well, tank, hole or other dangerous place or structure under his charge or possession; or otherwise creating a hazardous situation in a public place;

(d) defacing, or affixing notices, or writing graffiti on walls, buildings or other structures without the prior permission of the custodian of the property;

(e) willfully entering or remaining without sufficient cause in or upon any building belonging to the Government or land or ground attached thereto, or on any vehicle
belonging to Government;

(f) knowingly spreading rumours or causing a false alarm to mislead the police, fire brigade or any other essential service or;

(g) willfully damaging or sabotaging any public alarm system;

(h) knowingly and willfully causing damage to an essential service, in order to cause general panic among the public;

(i) acting in contravention of a notice publicly displayed by the competent authority in any government building :
Provided that the police shall take cognizance of this offence only upon a complaint made by an authorized functionary of the concerned office;

(j) causing annoyance to a woman by making indecent overtures or call or by stalking.

(2) It shall be lawful for any police officer to take into custody, without a warrant, whoever commits any of the offences mentioned in sub-Section (1).
It was informed to the Committee that for the period from 1st August, 2017 to 30th September, 2017, thirty three (33) cases have been registered under Sections 102/110 of the Meghalaya Police Act. In the same period, seventy five (75) individuals were apprehended and eight (8) cases were disposed off by the court with thirteen (13) persons being convicted. The fine realized during this period was Rs. Sixty Five Thousand (65000). For the period from 1st January, 2017 to 31st July, 2017, seventeen (17) cases were registered under Section 110 of the Meghalaya Police Act and seven (7) individuals were convicted and a fine of Rs. Thirty Five Thousand (35000) was realized. The remaining ten (10) cases are still pending in the court. The distribution of stickers has been intensified with the same being distributed to shops and tourist vehicles. CCTVs have been installed in the major commercial areas of Police Bazar, Motphran and Laitumkhrah.