Weekly Reports of the Action taken on Maintenance of Cleanliness in and around Shillong city

Name of the Reporting Agency: Shillong Municipal Board.

Period of reporting: 25th to 30th July 2017
Sl.No. Name of the Activity/Events as directed by the Supervisory Committee or as initiated by the agency itself Date of the activity/Events and name of locality/location Total no of persons attended/Total no of locality/places (indicate as applicable) Outcome of the  Activity/Event Proposed follow up with timelines Remarks
1 Expediting the process of declaring ODF localities. Survey is ongoing and the timeline will be adhered to SMB personnel and the CPPA team of SIPMIU, UA are conducting the survey from localities.  about 11 localities out of the 38 within SMB area can be safely declared as ODF localities. Newspaper notices seeking claims and objection on ODF Status of these localities will be issued by 3rd August 2017.  
2 Grading of localities The process is ongoing and we will target to grade the localities as per the approved parameters by the 10th August 2017. the process is being carried out through the interns who are attached with the CPPA team of SIPMIU. 9 localities have already been surveyed and graded. -  
3 Other activities  A cleaning drive was carried out in Laban on the 15th July 2017 as per the prepared calendar the cleaning drive was carried out by the workers of SMB. Red Cross junction to Laban Market was cleaned and the local Seng Kynthei was also involved, A shopto shop Awareness campaign was also carried out    
4   9 waste Collection vehicles handed over to Pynthorumkhrah, Pynthorbah, Lumshyiap, Nongrah, Lumpyngngad, Mawlynrei and Madanrting on the 29th July 2017. - Expected outcome is that with the improvement of waste collectio services in the areas outside SMB, the maintenance of cleanliness would also improved Monitoring for compliance to SWM Rules 2016.  
5 Routine activities constant monitoring is beig carried out through the whatsapp group of the supervisors and officers of the SMB. Significant improvement in the maintenance of cleanliness is visible in the ground. constant monitoring
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