Weekly Reports of the Action taken on Maintenance of Cleanliness in and around Shillong city

Name of the Reporting Agency: Shillong Municipal Board.

Period of reporting: 18th - 24th July 2017
Sl.No. Name of the Activity/Events as directed by the Supervisory Committee or as initiated by the agency itself Date of the activity/Events and name of locality/location Total no of persons attended/Total no of locality/places (indicate as applicable) Outcome of the  Activity/Event Proposed follow up with timelines Remarks
1 Handing over of vehicles purchased under the ADB funded project to Polo Area localities by 24th July 2017 handing over could not be carried out on the specified date as the localities concerned are not yet ready for the taking over. However as discussed with them, the handing-taking over would take place this week, i.e. before the 29th July 2017. - - prepare to hand over the vehicles before the 29th July 2017.  
2 Materials to be sent to SIO-NIC for the cleanshillong website. Preliminary materials sent by email on 21st July 2017. - - -  
3 Other activities  Draft Micro plan for police Bazaar presented before the business community and residents of Police Bazaar. Task force comprising of the business establishment owners and residents of Police Bazaar constituted. about 50 persons attended the meeting. The people of police bazaar are motivated to work together with SMB and had agreed to constitute the task force which would assist the SMB in SWM and Maintenance of Cleanliness in Police Bazaar. Finalise the SWM and Cleanliness plan for Police Bazaar by the 29th and implement it by the 1st August 2017. Planned to achieve total segregation and storage at source by all establishments and residences in PB by 2nd October and to have an efficient litter management system in the commercial area of PB by the same date.
(the plan will also be replicated in other commercial areas)
4   A cleaning drive was carried out in Malki Market on the 15th July 2017 as per the prepared calendar the cleaning drive was carried out by the workers of SMB. Market was cleaned followed by an Awareness programme on SWM Rules at Khlieh Shnong Malki.    
5   SMB Officers attended a work-shop in KHADC as resource persons and shared SMB's experience in issues relating to SWM and maintenance of cleanliness in the city. the workshop was attended by officers of KHADC. The environmental engineer of MSPCB and the Member Secretary MSLSA  also attended as resource persons      
6   Waste Collection vehicles handed over to Umpling on 22nd July 2017. - Expected outcome is that with the improvement of waste collectio services in the areas outside SMB, the maintenance of cleanliness would also improved Monitoring for compliance to SWM Rules 2016.  
7 Routine activities Except for one Zonal i/c who had been granted leave, all supervisors and zonal i/c were on duty.
Activies of the workers and supervisors were monitored physically by the Executive Officer, Executive Engineer and also by the Chief Executive Officer. Real time monitoring was also carried out through a whatsapp group of the supervisors and officers of the SMB.
There have been significant improvement in the maintenance of cleanliness from the time of the first hearing on the instant case on matters of cleanliness. constant monitoring
(signature of the Reporting Agency)