Swachh Bharat Activities in the City

Activities taken up by the State Mission Directorate along with the Shillong Municipal Board including the following:

  • Swachh Bharat Cleaning Drives were organised in different localities of Shillong.
  • Installation of hoardings on Swachh Bharat Mission campaign in three locations(2 in Mawlai.1 in Laitumkhrah).
  • Organised a cleaning drive on PGT Road and more than 800 participants took part in the cleaning drive, including CRPF, NCC, NSS, Bharat Scouts and guides, NGOs, Colleges and schools.
  • Painting Competition for School's Students where the theme was "The City I want to live in". More than 100 students participated
  • Participation of Bharat Scouts and Guides students from different schools in monitoring Segregation of waste in different localities of the city for a month.
  • Organised Zero Littering Campaign with Taxi Drivers Association in collaboration with Superintendent of Police Traffic Branch (Distributed Stickers to all the taxi drivers)
  • Open Defecation Free Awareness programme was organised in Mawbah and Jhalupara and at Gora line Harijan Colony
  • A Swachh awareness campaign was organised with the Taxi Driver association Pynthorumkhrah
  • Zero Littering campaign with the taxi driver was organised in Red Cross
  • Clean River Campaign under Swachh Bharat Mission was organised by the Seng Samla Malki on the eve of World Environment Day, 5th June 2016
  • Zero Littering stickers’ campaign with the taxi drivers was organised in Iew Mawlong Bazaar
  • Zero Littering stickers’ campaign with the taxi drivers was organised in Police Bazaar. Altogether about 826 taxis are carrying out the campaign by pasting Stickers at the back of their taxis.

These efforts are being carried out to ensure that the city is declared as ODF (Open Defecation Free) by October 2017.