Vision Statement

Meghalaya is a state where nature is bountiful, known for its flora and fauna, it is an abode of biodiversity. As a tourist destination it is of utmost importance for a Clean Shillong, so as to attract tourists from around the world. Cleanliness should not only be confined to cleaning one’s own surroundings, rather we should actively participate in activities such as planting trees, making a conscious decision to not litter in public places, segregate our waste, provide access to good sanitation facilities such as proper sewage and solid waste disposal, etc. Good Sanitation has a direct impact on health. Therefore cleanliness and proper sanitation should be an integral part our lives.

Improvement of public transport and transportation services:

Public transport system should be improved so that people are encouraged to use them that will help in reduction of congestion and pollution.

Improvement and maintenance of Green Spaces:

Improve and maintain existing green spaces and parks and acquire new spaces wherever possible. We should also protect specimen trees on private property when new development occurs. An increase in biodiversity improves the quality of the environment and enhances the quality of life for humans.

Energy Efficient Buildings:

Make buildings more energy efficient and use renewable energy resources since energy efficient buildings use less energy and cost less to operate and produce fewer greenhouse gasses, which is good for us and the environment.

Minimisation and Recycling of Waste:

Waste minimisation is a process of elimination that involves reducing the amount of waste produced in society and helps to eliminate the generation of harmful and persistent wastes, supporting the efforts to promote a more sustainable society.

Provision for a Litter Free city:

  • Providing of litter bins to be installed at strategic / high traffic locations across the city.
  • Support vehicles and manpower for clearance of garbage from litter bins.
  • Mobile food waste processing vans that will enable processing of organic food waste at ward level.
  • Information and outreach programs to educate citizens regarding importance of segregation of waste and disposal using waste / litter bins.

Usage of Utility Ducts:

Improvement in existing water supply system through the use of utility ducts preventing the contamination of water pipes running through drains and roads.

Proper Sewerage system:

Developing a proper sewerage system is essential in order to reduce pollution of rivers and streams in the city.

Strengthening of enforcement of building byelaws:

Strengthening of enforcement of building byelaws is important as it prevents encroachment of establishments along rivers and streams.